I showed this print in the February 2021 exhibition “Breaking the Boundaries” at the Coach House Gallery in Guernsey.

It is an early example of my “Light, Colour, Form and Texture” approach made more than 30 years ago. I like it especially because you can’t really see what it is or how big the thing is. It could be inches or miles across, which I think creates its own dynamic - I still get slightly dizzy looking at it, even though I know what it is. And it’s certainly a broken boundary.





Ice Volcano

12x12”: £175

16x16”: £190

20x20”: £215

30x30”: £290

40x40”: £455

50x50”: £525

Free shipping to the UK and EU. £30 to all other destinations.

Limited edition: max. 25 individually numbered, signed & certified prints will be sold.

The rolled canvas prints have 3-4” wide borders for stretcher bars in addition to the print size.

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